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SFMOMA:What’s your favorite tool?
Kalup Linzy:Can I say awareness? I always try to bring myself into a space where I become aware. I want to say prayer, but it’s almost like self-conversation. Can I say presence? When you become present, when you really become present, everything else disappears from the future and the past and you’re not worried, you’re not haunted, you’re just there. I always say that the best relationships you can have are when the people you have relationships with bring you to the present moment. Sometimes relationships don’t work out because you start triggering stuff in each other that may be bringing stuff up from the past, or in to some projected future, but if you stay in the moment then you’re just there. I would say presence and knowing, when things get a little crazy to say, “OK, get present.” It can take away fear. As artists, you’re putting yourself out there and sometimes we can over-think and over-worry. So I think presence is my best tool. I’m not going to say I always pull it off, because sometime I forget to pull out the tool. At the end of the day I know that awareness and presence are the key to being successful and having some peace.
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