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Well, I got tired enough of working from home and sad enough about everyone moving away from Stockholm when the curatorial masters is over that I’m starting a collective/organization for curators/art workers based in Stockholm. Our aim is to make exhibitions, be a sounding board for ideas, act as a shared library for both reading material and equipment, and to provide a support system for all young curators who want to take part. Found a great office space for SUPER cheap and now it’s just a matter of signing the contract, finding some furniture to fill our sunny 40 sq.m. room on gorgeous Birger Jarlsgatan and plan the moving-in party!

Sitting right now at a cafe getting all the paperwork together and as you can see my hair is being super spastic, looping all over the place.

I’m glad to soon say goodbye to expensive cafe lattes and have a real office to call home, not to mention all the exciting projects to come!

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